Al Nafea Partitions Co. Ltd.

The company gained a strong reputation through its technical experience and its commitment to supplying and installing thousands of meters in different projects in the kingdom for the governmental buildings and the private sector.
No obstacle stands in our way because we think, implement, and set out for your comfort.

Since 1978 AL NAFEA PARTITIONS continuously offer products of high quality and standard.

Thousands of meters had been supplied and or installed yearly in different places in the Kingdom. For different buildings of government and private sectors such as Offices, hospitals, schools, Gyms, hotels, restaurants, homes, etc. our services include all kind of partitions, office furniture, and complete flooring solutions.

We work with passion in Al Nafea Partitions Co. Ltd., to provide our products and smart solutions in the form of partitions, floors and office furnishings. Our products (of all kinds) are characterized by their high quality and they are adhering to equally high international standards. After our launch in 1978, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed the quantum leap in the world of creative partitions; as for 40 years, we have maintained the quality of our products and improved our services, due to our care for constant improvement of our incredible human resources, as well as the employed systems for administrative work and quality assurance.

Our Team

Our experienced and specialized staff have worked hard and with perfection in the fields of creating and supplying solutions for installing partitions, flooring, and office furnishings. Our process is a circulatory, complete, cooperative and harmonious process stemming from the staff’s faithfulness to the company. Our team’s possession of professional skills ensures our position as the leading company in the industry, as our tasks are continuously finished with high efficiency in a competitive timeframe. That is all to ensure providing the best level of workmanship, and the highest quality of services. The secret behind this achievement is the tirelessness of dedicated workers in our company.